"I had been told how wonderful you were from other's who had heard you, but you exceeded my expectations!  Your story was emotional, and inspiring.  Although, I have never suffered from PTSD, you made it understandable and relatable in a way I never thought possible.  Thank you again for your service and bravery, not only during the tragedy of 9/11, but before, and afterward by telling your story and helping others heal. I only wish we'd had a longer segment to hear more!" ~ Dawn M. Royse City, TX Chamber of Commerce

"Omg you were fabulous!!  Thank you so much for your time, energy and amazing story of heroism and triumph.  Everyone just thoroughly enjoyed you and people are still talking about the breakfast.Thank you again for all your sacrifices that day and for all that you have done and continue to do!  You are an amazing inspiration." ~ Elizabeth D. City of Garland, TX Office of the Mayor Community Multicultural Commission

"Sam is an amazing communicator with a powerful story. Her transparency is refreshing. Beyond that, she is an amazing person with a genuine love for people. Thanks for sharing your story with our Church!" ~ John E. Pastor, Relate Church

"It was an honor to hear your story today! You're truly an inspiration." ~ Amber M. Crossroads, TX