Courage with a Bang!

Did you know that you can build your courage and your confidence in many different ways? Some people read, some take courses, others attend workshops. Have you ever thought about building your confidence with firearms training? And I'm not talking about turning you into the next Dirty Harry or Dirty Harriet. Confidence comes from within, a belief in oneself to achieve. With my students, I have found that even after spending just 1 hour with me on the range, their confidence soars.

"After taking the class and asking my questions, I was able to enter the range confidently on my own and had the best time." ~ Jessica H.

What if you could stop second guessing yourself? What if you were able to approach each new challenge with a sense of "I got this" instead of "Maybe I'll try." Firearms training could do this for you and much more.

As you read this you might be thinking, "How does Sam do this? and is she even qualified?"

At 29 yrs old I has the first gun put into my hand. I was at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Georgia training to be a United States Secret Service Agent. It was the most empowering feeling ever. Up to this point in my training I was being tossed around a mat room by my training partner who was a guy. He stood 6'1" tall. I'd come home each day and look at myself in the mirror, examining the bruises that covered my body. "What am I doing?" I thought.

After the very first firearms training session I was filled with a sense of accomplishment, confidence, and commitment that I could take on anything that got dished out at me, and I did. After the pistol, came the shotgun. After the shotgun came the MP5 sub machine gun, and the list goes on. I personally own several handguns and rifles.

I spent 12 years in law enforcement. First as an agent in New York and then as a Lieutenant with a local police department. Having retired in 2012, I am now firearms instructor and courage consultant working with women and men using firearms training as a way to boost courage and confidence.

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